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#define X11

#include <stdio.h>

#ifdef X11
#undef HAS_FRAME_BUFFER       /* use direct frame buffer output */
#define X11_DRAW_SEGMENTS     /* draw segments instead of rectangles */
#include <X11/Xlib.h>

extern void FrameBufferIOInit(), FrameBufferRun();

typedef unsigned short Color;

#ifdef X11

typedef XPoint Point;
typedef XSegment Segment;
typedef XRectangle Rectangle;

#else /* X11 */

typedef struct {
      short x, y;
      } Point;

typedef struct {
      short x1, y1, x2, y2;
      } Segment;

typedef struct {
      short x, y;
      unsigned short width, height;
      } Rectangle;

#endif /* X11 */

typedef struct _ZInfo {
      Color color;            /* color of this polygon */
      unsigned long depth;    /* depth of this polygon */
      struct      _ZInfo *next;     /* next polygon in plane sweep set */
      struct      _ZInfo *prev;     /* previous polygon in plane sweep set */ 
      }     ZInfo;

#define NotAnElement          ((ZInfo *) -1)

#define MaxDepth        0xFFFFFFFF
#define MinDepth        0

 *  Polygons are built from edges

typedef struct _edge {
      short y2;         /* Ending y location */
      float x1;         /* Starting x location */
      float Dx;         /* Inverse slope of edge line */
      long  x1;         /* Starting x location */
      long  Dx;         /* Inverse slope of edge line */
      ZInfo *p;         /* depth and color information */
      struct _edge      *nexte;     /* next edge on this edge list */ 
      struct _edge      *next;      /* next edge on active edge list */
      } Edge;

 *  An edge list contains a pointer to a list of Edges.

typedef struct {
      Edge  *head;            /* pointer to first edge in list */
      } EdgeList;

 *  A ColorSegment is a row of adjacent pixels all of the same color.

typedef struct {
      short       x;    /* starting x location */
      unsigned short    length;     /* number of pixels of this color */
      Color       color;      /* color of this segment */
      } ColorSegment;

 *  A ScanLine is composed of a vector of ColorSegment's.

typedef struct {
      ColorSegment      *head;      /* first element in the list */
      ColorSegment      *tail;      /* last element in the list */
      int         count;
      } ScanLine;

#ifdef X11

 *  Randomly changing drawing colors in X would require that we add an XChangeGC
 *  request before virtually every line segment draw.
 *  Once the scan line segment output has been optimized by ScanLineDifference,
 *  we can add a further optimization to reduce the number of XChangeGC
 *  requests that are required.  We'll add a structure to group drawing
 *  requests by color.  When some watermark is past, an XChangeCG request may
 *  be issued, followed by all requests for that color.  This request buffer
 *  will be flushed with a call to FrameComplete().

typedef struct {
      XSegment    *head;      /* pointer to a vector of BufferedSegment's */
      XRectangle  *head;      /* pointer to a vector of BufferedSegment's */
      int         count;      /* number of seg's currently in use */
      }     SegmentGroup;

#define AMaxPixelValue  255   /* we'll only handle up-to 8-bit Visuals */


 *  To perform animation in a window, we associate an AWindow structure
 *  with it.

typedef struct {
#ifdef X11
      Display           *display;   /* X display for this window */
      Drawable    d;          /* dest drawable for this window */
      GC          gc;
      int         bsegSize;   /* Count of elements in each bseg vec */
      SegmentGroup      bseg[AMaxPixelValue+1];
      Pixmap            *stipple;   /* pointer to a list of pixmaps */
      int         flags;
      short       width, height;    /* dimensions of this window */
      short       ymin, ymax; /* range of EdgeList's with polygons */
      Segment           clip;       /* clipping bounds */
      ScanLine    *scanLine;  /* a vector with height elements */
      ScanLine    *lastScanLine;    /* a vector with height elements */
      EdgeList    *edges;           /* a vector with height elements */
      EdgeList    *lines;           /* a vector with height elements */
      Edge        *edgePool;  /* a pool of polygon edges */
      unsigned int      EPSize;           /* number of entries in edgePool */
      unsigned int      EPTop;            /* index of first free edge */
      unsigned int      curPool;    /* selects csPool (0 or 1) */ 
      ColorSegment      *csPool0;
      unsigned int      CSSize0;    /* number of entries in csPool0 */
      unsigned int      CSTop0;           /* index of first free color seg */
      ColorSegment      *csPool1;
      unsigned int      CSSize1;    /* number of entries in csPool1 */
      unsigned int      CSTop1;           /* index of first free color seg */
      } AWindow;

#ifdef X11
extern AWindow *InitializeX11AWindow();

#define AMonoMode 1           /* monochrome flag */
extern AWindow *InitializeAWindow();
extern void CloseAWindow();
extern void DrawPolygon ();
extern void FillPolygon ();
extern void FillRectangle ();
extern void DrawLine ();
extern void DrawPoint();
extern void DrawLines ();
extern void DrawArc ();
extern void FrameComplete ();
extern void ForceWindowRedraw ();
extern int  ClipLine();
extern void AX11FlushBufferedSegments(); 

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